Ryse Up Affirmation Cards (60)

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Our Affirmation cards are unlike anything else you've seen. They are raw and real; designed & written by working women who know what it means to do (and juggle) it all.

What makes our cards so unique? Each set offers 4 categories to choose from, because everyday is different. Some days you need extra motivation while others, you need to show more compassion and self love. Regardless of the day, we've got you covered!

Boss Up getting you into #bossmode

Own Up accepting the bad days and knowing better days are ahead

Charge Up some days you just need to recharge

Level Up giving you the extra motivation to level up

The box set offers 60 cards, that's 2 months worth of affirmation cards to create a new & life-changing routine!

BONUS: Each box set contains 4 wristbands, put it on for your daily reminder to Boss Up, Own Up, Charge Up or Level Up!”

• Photos are not my own, but stock photos taken directly from Ryse 

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